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Each day incorporates our three pillars of influence: 


Experience the Salish Sea's ecosystem on a power vessel.  Explore local waterways in search of the Day Program's  specific marine life. Land at local islands for lunch, hikes, and more.


Participate as citizen scientists to collect data that supports ongoing monitoring of the Salish Sea's health.


Create a personal, take-home action plan and learn how to connect to local, regional, and global networks.  


  • transformative experience to ignite a vision of knowledge and action to save the oceans


  • deep and personal connection to oceans and the natural world in the extraordinary beauty of the Salish Sea and the San Juan Islands

  • discussion and awareness of the current "state of affairs" of local waterways (rivers, Salish Sea) and ways for participants to take action 

  • leadership experience, discovery of innate qualities, and practical mindfulness tools for everyday life

  • opportunities for student-led research projects for deeper exposure and learning (201 or 301) as part of college prep and admissions

  • experience research methodologies, field research and journaling, professional protocols, and marine biology fundamentals (meets NGSS)


  • ongoing supportive community of like-minded friends

  • connection to mentors who can provide references for college admissions and guidance into the future


  • college prep marine biology fundamentals with a take home catalogue of learning, personal reflection, and field research methodologies

  • participation in on-going ocean health monitoring field survey, quantitative and qualitative research methodology, long-term data collection, experience with marine research tools

  • partnerships with local organizations and scientists for research projects: micro/meso/macro marine plastic sampling, endangered tufted puffin surveys, water quality tests, ocean acidification monitoring, harbor porpoise and pinniped survey, and more

  • immersion into marine ecology fundamentals to include ecosystem connections, hydrophone deployment, phytoplankton and zooplankton netting and microscopic observation, ID of marine flora (sea grasses) and fauna (seabirds, seals, sea lions, humpback, minke, orca, porpoise, and more!)


  • guardians service projects (earning 10 hrs. community service credit)

  • collaborative small-group learning (5:2 student to teacher ratio) with research equipment available for every student



  • creation of a personal take-home action plan to include personal commitments and ideas to bring back to the school and community

  • equip students to connect to local, regional and/or global ecosystem continued learning

  • encourage involvement in action networks to continue protecting the oceans

  • inspire to protect and commit to a healthy body and mind as part of ongoing community support

  • support student-led environmental campaigns 


how our new customizable model works.


Choose a Day Program of interest.

You can attend as many of the same or different days as you'd like!  For instance, you can enroll for just one Seabird Program OR two Orca Programs + one Baleen Whale Program. It is all fully customizable!

Note: If you do attend two of the same Day Programs (i.e. two Orca Days), you can expect to review the same educational materials with the group, but no two days will ever be alike on the water! The ultimate goal is to experience and learn all about the animals' ecosystem and how we can help. Also, seeing whales is never guaranteed. 



Choose the appropriate age group.

10-12 years old, enroll for the "Jr" Day Program. 

13-17 years old, enroll for the "Sr" Day Program.

18+ programs TBA

If you don't see a Day Program that works with your summer schedule or desired age group, email to discuss flexible options. 


Enroll online or by mail for discounts (see below).

Each Day Program is $250. 

*Thanks to many local and state organizations, we have scholarships available* Please inquire -


Get excited for Summer!  


Each Day Program includes healthy snacks, lunch, and a stop at an island for a hike, bonfire, or tidal pool exploration. Students will also receive a beanie (to wear on the water) and program specific sticker patch. 


After completion of a Day Program, students will be able to identify an abundance of marine life, local islands and know how to be a better ocean steward! More information will be mailed to the participant after the full payment has been received.



Become a Guardian of the Sea Jr. or Guardian of the Sea Sr. after completing ALL four of the different Day Programs by the end of 2020.


Once an official Guardian, you will receive a Guardians of the Sea graduation certificate, special shirt, and be eligible to attend Guardians of the Sea - Advanced to continue work with local marine research projects. 

Discount Opportunities:

Guardians of the Sea Discount (Must Enroll by Mail to Receive Discount)

Book all four by April 1, 2020 - 20% off. 


Friends Discount (Must Enroll by Mail to Receive Discount)

Book one Day Program for yourself and up to four friends - 20% off per person.