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coast salish peoples

The Coast Salish are a group of ethnically and linguistically related indigenous peoples that were great fishers and marine mammal hunters located on the Northwest Pacific coast. They were the first stewards of these incredible lands as there is a long history of knowledge from hundreds of generations of ancestors about how to best use the resources of this land. 


This loose grouping is made up of many tribes (see map) with distinct cultures and languages (Coast Salish or Salishan).

first nations map.jpg

COAST SALISH TRADITIONAL TERRITORIES from the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea



'Watershed' generally means the entire area draining to a given point (typically the mouth of a river or stream). this includes the land area that channels rainfall and snowmelt to bodies of water that outflow to the sea.


Map: Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA). The Washington State Legislature defines Puget Sound as WRIA 1-19. These areas were first developed in 1970 and updated most recently in 2000. Map: Kris Symer. Data source: WAECY.

puget sound boundary.png

where is puget sound?

Puget Sound includes the waters from Admiralty Inlet and Deception Pass to the southern tip of Olympia (Ebbesmeyer et al., 1988).

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