Locations: Anacortes and Mt. Vernon!

 This club is tailored to young adventurers, come discover the wonder along the local shorelines and trails with us! We will introduce young explorers to a new Salish Sea-inspired topic each month through fun marine science lessons, games, and art projects.

Our shore-based programs are designed to teach students about the incredible marine life that depends on a healthy Salish Sea. Our hope is that our curriculum will create a forever ocean advocate who develops a life-long love and appreciation for the marine environment. We also hope to empower students of all ages as emerging marine naturalists and provide important time to enjoy free play during their exploration outdoors. We are so passionate about introducing students to the incredible animals that depend on the classroom right outside our doorstep.   

 Parents/Guardians, unless otherwise specified, this is a "drop-off" class! Feel free to stay and learn with us! 

Please note, all courses require 2 or more students to be enrolled. If 2 students are not enrolled by 48 hours prior to the class date, a full refund will be given. Students should wear clothes that are comfortable and safe to spend the allotted time outdoors, in all weather (except high winds).

Remember to bring: appropriate clothes (rain boots, rain jacket, hat, gloves, warm layers), snack, water bottle. 

Anacortes Classes