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We celebrate art as an incredibly effective form of expression and unique messaging to elevate marine conservation. Creating art is a wonderful way to explore the creatures of the Salish Sea and connect with them on another level!


For students 6-12 years old.

What do you get when you cross Art with Adventure? Art-ventures, of course! At The Salish Sea School, we have a passion for teaching students through art and experience—all the natural wonders of the Salish Sea are full of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes and we want to unpack all those things through expressive exploration. Join us monthly for a new topic!

January - April 2023 Art-Ventures, 3:15PM-4:15PM

(You can sign up for a single session or buy the package)

January 21st, 2023– Backyard Birds in Winter & Humans’ Helping Hands

  • Learn about some of the birds you can expect in your backyard in winter, and how to help keep their calories up to fight the cold! We’ll be creating semi-natural hanging seed feeders so students can enjoy more bird watching at home!

February 11, 2023– Explore the Shore, Create a shore!

  • Learn about the four intertidal zones, explore a few of them, and then re-create your own intertidal! *Students will not be keeping this creation this month—these natural materials will be put back where they came from, unharmed! Photos will be emailed after the course for keepsakes!


*March 11 & 12, 2023 – Winter Waterfowl – Where’s the White?

  • Learn to identify two different winter waterfowl species that can be found close to Washington Park through observing, counting, sculpting, and painting!

    • **This class is a two-parter!

    • Day 1: learn to identify and do a survey followed by the initial sculpting of the waterfowl

    • Day 2: recall identification skills for another survey and paint your waterfowl correctly placing the white!

April 8, 2023– Orca Family Trees and Our Human Family Trees – Cultural Ties

  • Learn about endangered Southern Resident orcas and their unique cultural and family ties—in this process, we will make the connections about similarities between their families and our human families by plotting family trees: one Southern Resident orca family, and our own families as orcas!