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Budding Birders Club

This club is tailored to students exhibiting an interest in watching and identifying our avian neighbors specific to the Salish Sea bioregion.


We will discuss identification methods, bird song, and how the Salish Sea, differing habitats, and seasonal changes inform what species we might see. Together we will actively participate in the “birding” process by walking various, natural areas nearby and taking bird surveys.


With many bird species’ migration patterns and behaviors being directly indicative of environmental health, these surveys aren’t just fun but fulfill citizen science needs to monitor bird populations throughout the Salish Sea.


We welcome passionate birders ages 7+ years old. Students attending should be able to stay quiet, focused, and patient. A pair of binoculars is recommended. Please inform the instructor before class if the student needs to borrow a pair.

Class Dates for Winter/Spring 2022:

Tuesday, May 10th –  4:30-6PM @ Little Mountain Park Overlook

Thursday, May 26th - 4:30-6PM @ Wiley Slough

Individual classes are $15 each.  We require a minimum of 2 students for each class.