Amy Eberling

founder/executive director/captain

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Amy spent ten wonderful years bringing science alive as a high school biology teacher.  After experiencing the power of hands-on learning in the outdoors, the dream for The Salish Sea School began.


The idea was further solidified when Amy was sitting deep in a forest during a magnificent salmon run where all of her senses were ignited in ways that could never be replicated within the confines of her biology classroom.

She knew it was time to begin a classroom without walls. 

Amy is now dedicated to cultivating student leaders through unique and purposefully tailored programs that bring science and research alive.

She is super stoked to provide an environment that not only fosters experiential lessons, but also provides a lifelong community of youth that care for each other and the oceans.  Amy believes in the importance of encouragement, support, and guidance during high school years and is grateful to countless mentors and coaches in her life. She is excited to foster these elements and grow a youth leadership program in marine conservation.


Amy was a collegiate lacrosse player and coach, served as a marine naturalist aboard multiple vessels, and is a fierce advocate for the endangered population of Southern Resident Killer Whales. 

She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Biology, Master's in Multicultural Education, a USCG Captain's License, and meets Coast Guard training requirements. 

Amy, her husband Nick, and 5-year old daughter Isla are residents of Anacortes, WA.

Betsey Thoennes

photographer/web support

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It is rare to find Betsey indoors! Whether it be out chasing the Southern Resident Orcas on the west side of San Juan Island, taking photos from her kayak or sculling on Lake Sammamish near her home in Redmond, WA, she belongs outside! 

Her background as a developer, project manager and technology integration consultant lends itself well to her environmental advocacy and activism passions.  She provides web & social media support for several marine ecology groups.

Many of our photos were taken by Betsey! She never fails to capture incredible moments from the beautifully diverse life in and around the Salish Sea.  We are stoked to share her pictures with you and cannot wait to see what else she captures for us! 

Taylor White

board member/artist

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Taylor is an exceptionally talented artist! She claims that she continues to develop herself as an artist by exploring new mediums, but we aren't sure how she could get any better! We haven't found anything she isn't capable of and are so pumped to have her on board!


She has done a phenomenal job capturing the marine life within the Salish Sea through her incredible water color paintings and we can't wait to share them with you.

Her art will be featured in the "The Salish Sea Guide" curriculum that each student will receive through participation in Guardians of the Sea. Furthermore, her art has been turned into greeting cards to be used as a program fundraiser. Take a look here!

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