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CV19 Policies and Procedures

We are following the most up to date guidelines from the Washington Department of Health. You can read these guidelines here.

We will be requiring a CV19 attestation form to be signed before student attendance. Thus all participants are attesting that they are not experiencing CV19 symptoms nor has been exposed to CV19 by showing up to our programs.  We reserve the right to turn participants away during any of our programs if they and/or family members are exhibiting CV19 symptoms.​​

  • Please stay home if there has been any questionable exposure or symptoms

  • We strongly encourage your family to visit a medical professional if you begin to experience CV19 symptoms

  • If you feel that these methods can't lower the risk to a level you're comfortable with given the current circumstances, we completely respect and commend you for that


We really look forward to safely exploring and learning together.

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