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A class for 5th-8th grade students designed to use the SEEK app to identify all of the incredible life that is on the beach or near shore (forest walks!).

Most of our outdoor adventures involve turning off the electronics and tuning into the wild world around us. But in this class students will use modern technology to learn more about the natural world. 

During this course, we aim to bring together our natural human senses and partner them with an app called "Seek" while we explore the world around us. A smart phone, tablet, or other device that supports the "Seek by iNaturalist" app is highly encouraged. Seek allows its user to photo identify infinite amount of living organisms, from flora to fauna. If you don't have a phone/tablet, we will have extras available!

Some classes may also include a different Salish Sea-inspired topic each month and complete different service projects to help protect this beautifully unique place we call home. Classes will include lessons combined with different service learning opportunities throughout the year such as beach clean-ups, letter writing, marine debris surveys, tree plantings (when available through partnerships), and using art for advocacy.    

 We are so passionate about introducing students to the incredible animals that depend on the classroom right outside our doorstep.   

 Parents/Guardians, unless otherwise specified, this is a "drop-off" class! Feel free to stay and learn with us! 

Please note, all courses require 2 or more students to be enrolled. If 2 students are not enrolled by 48 hours prior to the class date, a full refund will be given. Students should wear clothes that are comfortable and safe to spend the allotted time outdoors, in all weather (except high winds).

Remember to bring: Appropriate clothes (rain boots, rain jacket, hat, gloves, warm layers), snack, water bottle.