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July 25th-29th

9am – 3pm

11-14 years old

$695 (FULL - waitlist here)

Join The Salish Sea School for an immersive, placed-based deep dive of this beautiful bioregion known as the Salish Sea. 

We’ll introduce students to this region's marine life from the tiniest intertidal organisms up to its charismatic megafauna like the humpback whale and the orca.

Students will leave this week with unique experiences connecting with the Salish Sea and with the knowledge that will help them become stewards of the region. 

A few highlights for our week together include:

  • Exploring the intertidal world along the shorelines in Anacortes,

  • Boat charter with Island Express across the salt water of Rosario Strait to James Island, taking in the birds and other wildlife along the way,

  • Kayaking around Burrow’s Bay, learning about bull kelp and where students may also spy harbor seals and harbor porpoise,

  • Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) excursion to give students a different viewpoint of the water and submerged shoreline where eelgrass, kelp, and other forage fish may be present. 

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Junior Marine Naturalist Adventures


Other aspects of camp will include:

-Hands-on activities

-Guided mindfulness in nature practices

-Games and wildlife scavenger hunts

-Art through crafts, poetry, and storytelling

Please note, lunches are not provided with this camp.

Scholarships are available.