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Spring Break Sea Camp!

CLASS FULL - Email info@thesalishseaschool.org to be added to the waitlist


April 4-8th, 2022  - 9am-12 pm, K-5th grade 

Come bloom with us! Join us for a sensory exploration, confidence building, and creative expression camp on the shores of the Salish Sea.

We hope you can spend your spring break with us! We will adventure around the shores of the Salish Sea, using sensory learning and free play.  What has grown and is blooming since fall/winter? What do those buds and flowers smell like? How many colorful things are taking over the drab winter Touch, Feel, Learn, See, then Create, Write, and Try

Sample curriculum: 

  • Day one: Hike and exploration, create a sculpture, & lesson on watersheds and their interconnectedness with the Salish Sea, free play

  • Day two: Intertidal exploration, microscopic observations, beach/trail clean-up challenge, free play

  • Day three: Nature haikus + illustrations, mindfulness in nature: how we hear, see, and process and how we can be more mindful to help us relax, scouting for trail birds

  • Day four: Orca games and activities, Endangered Southern Resident Orcas lesson Part I: Who they are, How we ID and understand their threats, free play

  • Day five: Team building games, orca activities, & Endangered Southern Resident Orcas, Part II: How do scientists understand and solve problems? What can we do to help? – learning, cooperative exploration/creation/problem solving, free play