Volunteer Opportunities with Us


Continued Opportunities with The Salish Sea School

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Volunteer Opportunities with The Salish Sea School

The Salish Sea School Beach Clean-Ups

Marine Mammal Stranding Network – In connection with the Central Puget Sound MMSN

Washington Park Bird Count

Others TBA including a microplastics survey, other bird surveys, etc.

Volunteer Opportunity Project Name:   Bayview St. Park B.E.A.C.H. program

Project Leader/Contact:  Annie England    aengland@padillabay.gov

Project Description and Timing:   Take water samples weekly at Bayview State Park and deliver to EDGE Lab. in Burlington.  Possible on-call needs as well.


Volunteer Opportunity Project Name:  Bowman Bay/Cornet Bay plants stewardship

Project Leader/Contact:  Skagit Fisheries Enhancement

Group  outreach@skagitfisheries.org     http://skagitfisheries.org  

Project Description and Timing:   Help maintaining and monitoring beach plantings.  Schedule and durations vary.


Volunteer Opportunity Project Name:  Deception Pass Rosario Beach Naturalist

Project Leader/Contact:  Deception Pass Foundation  Lauren Hagen    dpbeachnaturalist@gmail.com         

Project Description and Timing:   Rosario Beach Naturalists serve as stewards and educators at the Rosario Tide Pools.


Volunteer Opportunity Project Name:  Skagit Marine Resources Committee (MRC) Beach Restoration Monitoring   http://skagitmrc.org  

Project Leader/Contact:  Jason Morgan    morgan@nwstraitsfoundation.org  

Project Description and Timing:   Skagit Marine Resources Committee project to monitor progress of restoration at Bowman Bay and March Point.  Intertidal surveys, Beach wrack, Insects, and Woody debris.  3 – 4 hours at each site.  Summer.  Schedules to be posted.


Volunteer Opportunity Project Name: Skagit Marine Resources Committee (MRC) Kelp Monitoring and Surveys.  

Project Leader/Contact:  Phyllis Bravinder  gobravinder@gmail.com  

Project Description and Timing:   Skagit Marine Resources Committee project to survey and monitor near shore kelp beds via Kayak.  Summer.  Schedules vary.


Volunteer Opportunity Project Name:  Skagit Marine Resources Committee (MRC) Forage Fish Surveys 

Project Leader/Contact:  Peter Haase  Pgypsy@wavecable.com 

Project Description and Timing:  Skagit Marine Resources project.  Work on teams collecting beach gravel and analyzing for forage fish eggs.  Weekly surveys – each takes about 2 hours.  Attend as able.  Additional times for microscopic analysis work.


Volunteer Opportunity Project Name:  Skagit Land Trust  http://skagitlandtrust.org   

Project Leader/Contact:  volunteer@skagitlandtrust.org    

Project Description and Timing:   Group has many volunteer opportunities on website.  All year round.  Tree planting, land stewardship, youth education help, heron nest monitor,


Volunteer Opportunity Project Name:  Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center  http://WolfHollowWildlife.org   

Project Leader/Contact:  WolfHollow@WolfHollowWildlife.org    

Project Description and Timing:   San Juan Island group has many volunteer opportunities on website.  All year round.   Big need is local Skagit residents to help collect and transport injured wildlife to the Anacortes ferry terminal.