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Salish Sea Adventures


11-14 years old


Join us on different marine excursions to explore and connect with this beautiful bioregion known as the Salish Sea. 

Students will:

  • build their confidence through exciting adventures in the marine environment

  • spend time getting to know many charismatic creatures of the Salish Sea

  • leave with unique experiences connecting them with the Salish Sea and leaving with knowledge that will help become stewards of the region

A few highlights for our week together include:

  • Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) excursion to give students a different viewpoint of the water and submerged shoreline where eelgrass, kelp, and other forage fish may be present

  • Journeying across Rosario Strait to to James Island, taking in the birds and other wildlife along the way, (Boat charter with Island Express) and exploring the intertidal world along the shorelines in Anacortes

  • Splash day where students get waist-deep in the Salish Sea (life jackets required)

  • Whale watching trip to experience local marine life with Blue Kingdom Whales and Wildlife

  • Kayaking around Burrow’s or Bowman Bay, learning about bull kelp and where students may also spy harbor seals and harbor porpoise


Please note, lunches are not provided with this camp.

Image by G-R Mottez

Cancellation policy:
Cancellations 91+ days prior to session start date = Refundable less CC processing fees & $150 deposit
Cancellations between 61 and 90 days prior to session start date = Refundable less CC processing fees + 50% fee of tuition
Cancellations between 0 and 60 days prior to session start date = non-refundable, no exceptions
All cancellations must be submitted in writing and must be received in the above time frames

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