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Join us in celebrating Orca Recovery Day!


We will be learning how rivers, neighborhoods, and forests are connected to orcas. We will also be handing out native plants, displaying a salmon dissection, and handing out salmon-shaped cotton candy!

This is a drop-in family event - please come at any time between 10AM-1PM and celebrate together with your family.

The event is held at The Salish Sea School's learning center near Skyline Marina. The event is on the first floor of the second red-roofed building.


Cancellation Policy: Please notify us of cancellation promptly so that we might have the opportunity to enroll another student in this course. 
*In the event of any cancellation, regardless of when the cancellation is initiated, the credit card processing fee will NOT be refunded (3%).

Cancellation Refund: if cancelled 5 days prior to the course, the class fee will be refunded to you, less the credit card processing fee (3%). If cancelled any time after that, there will not be a refund for this course.

We are rolling out classes all year, subscribe here to be alerted when classes open! 

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