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We are so passionate about introducing students to the incredible animals that depend on the classroom right outside our doorstep.  Our shore-based programs are designed to teach students about the incredible marine life that depends on a healthy Salish Sea. Our hope is that our curriculum will create a forever ocean advocate who develops a life-long love and appreciation for the marine environment.


We also hope to empower students of all ages as emerging marine naturalists and provide important time to enjoy free play during their exploration outdoors. 

Conference Week Camp

For Anacortes School District

Description: Come discover the wonder along the local shorelines and trails with us!  We will introduce young explorers to Salish Sea-inspired topics through fun marine science lessons and games.


Adventurers can expect to learn about nature and Salish Sea creatures from the surrounding watersheds through the intertidal and up to the sky.


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Creative Connections

Classes that combine the Sea, Art, and Science!

Happy Owl-O-Ween

October 30th, 6-7PM  |  The Salish Sea School Learning Center @ Skyline Marina (best for students 7+)

Description: We'll share all the special adaptations that make owls amazing hunters of the night, learn about the food they eat, and then dissect owl pellets and reconstruct our findings to determine what prey item(s) the owl had previously eaten! *Students will NOT be bringing home bones, fur, or the like (unless approved), but they can take some Halloween candy home for participating and we will also take/share photos of their investigations!

Plankton Snow!

November 14th, 6-7PM  |  The Salish Sea School Learning Center @ Skyline Marina  (best for students 7+)

Description: Come create with us! This month we will be getting crafty while exploring the awesome superpowers of Plankton--the foundation for the entire Salish Sea food web. These creatures are beautifully unique in some of their kaleidoscopic designs and we plan to recreate unique versions with a seasonal twist!

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Please note, all courses require 5 or more students to be enrolled. If 5 students are not enrolled by 48 hours prior to the class date, a full refund will be given. Students should wear clothes that are comfortable and safe to spend the allotted time outdoors, in all weather (except high winds).

Cancellation Policy: Please notify us of cancellation promptly so that we might have the opportunity to enroll another student in this course. 
*In the event of any cancellation, regardless of when the cancellation is initiated, the credit card processing fee will NOT be refunded (3%).

Cancellation Refund: if cancelled 10 days prior to the first class, the class fee will be refunded to you, less the credit card processing fee (3%). If cancelled any time after that, there will not be a refund for this course.

We are rolling out classes all year, subscribe here to be alerted when classes open!  

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