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"We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors;  We Borrow It from Our Children."

 We are so passionate about introducing our community to the incredible classroom right outside our doorstep. Our hope is that our programs initiate a desire to protect and restore the Salish Sea. We believe experiential lessons combined with marine conservation education is essential to producing a healthy marine ecosystem. The curriculum rotates throughout the year but will span the marine ecosystem, from water quality to whales.
 Adult program tuition supports our student programs, including scholarships.

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Welcome the Puffins Fundraiser Ecotour

May 17, 2024, June 15, 2024, July 7, 2024


Farewell the Puffins Tour

August 11, 2024

Join us aboard a chartered boat as we journey to one of the last remaining breeding islands in the Salish Sea.  We hope to find a whole bunch of the other incredible life along the way.

Optional educational Zoom occurs a few days prior to trip

Launch out of Skyline Marina in Anacortes

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Winter, Spring, and Fall Marine Bird Fundraiser Ecotour

Watching the birds change on the Salish Sea is as magical as watching the leaves change on a tree!

Join us aboard a chartered boat as we journey around the Salish Sea to search for the beautiful feathered friends that call the Salish Sea home during the winter, spring, and fall months! 

Launch out of Skyline Marina in Anacortes

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Island Intertidal and Wildflower Hike FUNdraiser

Escape to the stunning beauty of the Pacific Northwest and discover the wonders of its wildflowers and intertidal zones as you join us on a journey to James Island. Here you'll explore the vibrant colors and unique adaptations of these incredible ecosystems.


Experience both the wonders of the intertidal zone and spring wildflowers while supporting marine conservation! Join us for an unforgettable day of exploration and learning!


Our guides will take you on a journey through the mysteries of the intertidal zone, where you'll discover the amazing creatures that thrive in this unique habitat. So put on your boots and get ready for an adventure that will make a difference.


Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the intertidal zone and support marine conservation. Tickets are limited, so reserve your spot today!

These fundraisers help us provide scholarships and outdoor gear to students in need.

Coming again soon!
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Orcas of the Salish Sea 101 

Take a deep dive with us to learn all about the orcas of the Salish Sea!  This is an experiential learning series that will get you on the Salish Sea four times, build a deeper knowledge about the orcas of the Salish Sea, connect you with local organizations studying orcas of the Salish Sea, introduce you to environmental issues affecting local marine life, connect you with a community of other adults passionate about orcas, and provide ideas about the ways you can help!

Additionally, students will meet local researchers during scheduled Zoom meeting (Dr. Deborah Giles of Wild Orca, whale biologist Monika Wieland Shields of Orca Behavior Institute), and attend an in-person field trip to the Orca Survey Center in Friday Harbor.


We purposefully curate a small, in-person, community learning experience (up to 6 participants per group). There are no virtual enrollment options for this course. All lessons and boat trips will launch from Skyline Marina in Anacortes, Washington.

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Adult Rewilding Retreat

This takes place on the gorgeous Rosario Beach, neighbor to Deception Pass State Park. 


Our retreat will include a two night three day adventure based at the Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory with a private boat taxi to a local island. The lab includes more than 40 acres of timberland, hills, wetlands, and beachfront on the beautiful Rosario Strait. From our cabins you can view the Straits of Juan de Fuca, the Olympic Mountains, Vancouver Island, and the San Juan Islands. The lovely cabins have a full kitchen, private bath, bedroom and a porch for taking in the spectacular views.

Dinners will be catered. We are asking that you bring your own breakfast, lunch, and snacks. 

Specific cabins will be rented on a first come first served basis. Check out the cabin map here.  All cabins are "BYOB - Bring Your Own Bedding." See image above (pic credit: Caleb Riston).

Next retreat coming soon!
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Women's Rewilding Retreat 

“She is a force of nature at her core, all the wildness of the universe.” JMG


The San Juan Islands Women’s Rewilding Retreat is designed for women to celebrate and renew an embodied connection to the natural world with restorative practice and time for nature immersion in solitude and community.


Come alone or bring a friend to experience the wonders of the San Juan Islands with other women who share like values. Rewilding will include a two-night three-day adventure based at the Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory facility with a private taxi to a local island.


From the cabins you can view the Straits of Juan de Fuca, the Olympic Mountains, Vancouver Island, and the San Juan Islands. The cabins have a full kitchen, private bath, bedroom, and a porch for taking in the spectacular views. 


This rewilding nature immersion will include the option to do art or journal on picnic table at the beach or hike the gorgeous trails with a guide or on your own.

Next retreat coming soon!

Creative Connections

Come learn about and celebrate the Salish Sea through crafts and community. 


Art ideas  |   We will learn about some of the charismatic creatures of the Salish Sea and create our own handmade stamps and holiday cards.  We will explore the spectacular symmetry of plankton and create plankton-inspired holiday decorations. We will create jewelry inspired by elegant invertebrates.

Fall and Winter 2024 classes coming soon! 


Through this adult course we will provide an introductory look at orcas of the Salish Sea with a spotlight on endangered Southern Residents.


This program provides an educational orca presentation and discussion aboard the ferry as we journey to Friday Harbor.


There, we will enjoy a private visit to Center for Whale Research's Education and Outreach Center where we will get to to intimately know Southern Resident orcas through different mediums, as well as understand what it is to be an orca researcher.


We'll also introduce ways you can advocate, and/or things you can to do, to help endangered Southern Resident orcas.


*Please bring lunch, snacks, a water bottle, and anything else you might need!

Walk-on ferry tickets are included in the price!

Opens again Nov. 2024
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The Pulse - Virtual

Keep up with The Pulse of the Salish Sea! This virtual course is a continuing education program for environmental educators, marine naturalists, or nature enthusiast from across the world.  Designed for professionals and amateurs alike, this program goes beyond the basics and takes deeper dives on ecosystem-wide topics and the latest research.

By registering you will have opportunities to connect and network with other naturalists, regional scientists, and support the following four local non-profits.

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