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A 4 day boating adventure in the San Juans for 6-8th and 9th-12th graders

Anacortes, WA

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2024 camps will be release 1st week of November!


Guardians of the Sea is a four day (9:30AM-3:30PM) daily boat and local island based educational adventure that spans the marine ecosystem. It is the perfect program to spark interest in marine ecosystems and understand how it is all connected, from water quality to whales.  


Our curriculum is designed to introduce students to the local marine life in the Salish SeaFrom eel grass, to forage fish, to seals, to seabirds, we believe experiential education initiates a desire to save our natural world.

Each day includes healthy snacks, local lunch, and a stop at an island for a hike or tidal pool exploration.   

Highlights include:

  • Experience incredible marine life 

  • Marine species identification 

  • Water and land-based research 

  • Environmental service projects

  • Small group learning 

  • Mindfulness in nature activities

Each day's lesson will focus on the specific topic listed below, however we never can predict what marine life each day will bring! The ultimate goal is to experience the animals' ecosystem and understand how students can become leaders in marine conservation - seeing whales is never guaranteed. 

At the end of each program, students will get a black baseball cap with the yellow trident on it, symbolizing they have become a Guardian of the Sea.

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Location, Date, & Cost

This program meets at Seafarers Memorial Park and launches from Cap Sante Marina, Anacortes WA. 


4 days from 9:30AM-3:30PM + 2-hr extra introductory day on Monday

Cost: $1,100, scholarships available

Guardians of the Sea Jr. - for students 11-13 years old​

Guardians of the Sea - for students 14-18 years old​

Please note: weather conditions will dictate if/when we go out on the water. If conditions do not permit boat travel, we will be exploring all that Fidalgo has to offer or ferry to another island for new adventures. 

Enroll GS

Each day focuses on one of the topics listed below, however we never can predict what marine life each day will bring! Click on the round picture to learn more.


learn more


Marine Birds of the Salish Sea​


Tufted Puffin Survey​


Forage Fish Habitat


learn more


Salish Sea Pinnipeds/Porpoises


Pinnipeds/Porpoise Survey


Stormwater & Contaminants

Image by vivek kumar

learn more


Baleen Whales of the Salish Sea​


Marine Debris Survey​


Marine Debris Reduction


learn more


Orcas of the Salish Sea​


Visit the Center for Whale Research's Orca Survey Center in Friday Harbor


Local Salmon Declines

Each day also includes:

stress-reduction practices

Stress-reduction practices (mindfulness activities) such as nature journaling, breath work, and increased awareness of surroundings will be implemented to help awaken the senses and enable one to be fully present in the moment. 

Mindfulness practices have been show to improve breathing, lower heart rate, improve circulation, improve immune function, reduce physcial stress responses, improve sleep, and much more. Learn more here

an unplugged experience

Guardians of the Sea provides important time away from the computer, TV, and cell phone enabling more time for learning, interacting, and 100% engagement.

"The urge to check Twitter or refresh Reddit becomes a nervous twitch that shatters uninterrupted time into shards too small to support the presence necessary for an intentional life.

- Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism

CV19 Policies

"Every individual matters, every individual has a role to play, every individual makes a difference."   

-Jane Goodall

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