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A 5 day summer camp for students 6-8 years old

Anacortes, WA

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The Salish Sea is home to a diverse array of marine life, including some of the most beloved and fascinating pinnipeds: harbor seals, Steller seal lions, and elephant seals! These playful and intelligent creatures are an important part of the Salish Sea ecosystem. We believe in nurturing a love and respect for these incredible animals through education and hands-on learning opportunities.  

Flipper Friends will be full of adventures as we learn about the pinnipeds of the Salish Sea. Students will also explore the intertidal zone, play in a magical tree house, and play fun beach games!

Each student will become a Flipper Friend as they have an opportunity to adopt a stuffy harbor seal on the first day of camp.  

Every program also includes a special boat ride to search for pinnipeds in the Salish Sea. One parent/guardian chaperone will be required to attend this trip.


We will also explore and learn about the surrounding eco-system and become junior scientists who are empowered to protect and share the story of the pinnipeds of the Salish Sea! 

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Flipper Friends is held in Anacortes, WA on beautiful Fidalgo Island.


The specific day to day location will vary from Bowman Bay, Quaker Cover, and Skyline Marina in Anacortes.

We can't wait to explore with you!

Time & Cost


5 days from 10:00AM-2:00PM


$595, scholarships available

Note: Lunch is not included, students will need to pack their own lunch, water, and snacks each day. 

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