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Guardians of the Sea Jr. 
Homeschool Edition

 Every Tuesday and Thursday* this September, 2022


Age: 8-13 years old

Location: Anacortes, WA

Price: $1,050** per student

A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.

* Rain dates will be scheduled or contingency plans put into place when the weather/conditions don't allow going on the boat, but all the boat days are not guaranteed.


**We strive to make this program affordable  and accessible to all students, please check out our scholarship page



Guardians Jr. - Homeschool Edition is designed to introduce students to the ocean and local marine life in the Salish Sea.


It is the perfect program to spark interest in marine ecosystems and understand how it is all connected, from water quality to whales. 

Please bring your own lunch and snack.

Highlights include:

  • Experience incredible marine life 

  • Marine species identification 

  • Water and land-based research 

  • Environmental service hours 

  • Small group learning 

  • Stress-reduction activities

  • Take-home action plans

  • On-going learning community

  • Curiosity inspiration through inquiry based learning

  • Individual strength recognition
  • STEAM (A for art!) ​​

Each day's lesson will focus on the specific topic listed, however we never can predict what marine life each day will bring! The ultimate goal is to experience the animals' ecosystem and understand how students can become leaders in marine conservation - seeing whales (or any wildlife!) is never guaranteed. 


Schedule for September 2022

Week 1

Tuesday - Salish Sea bioregion + marine conservation + end of program project introduction

Thursday - Intertidal exploration on James Island (shore and boat-based lesson)

Week 2

Tuesday - Orcas of the Salish Sea lesson (shore and boat-based lesson)

Thursday - Baleen Whales of the Salish Sea lesson (shore and boat-based lesson)

Week 3

Tuesday - Pinnipeds and Porpoise of the Salish Sea lesson (shore and boat-based lesson)

Thursday - Marine birds of the Salish Sea lesson(shore and boat-based lesson)

Week 4

Tuesday - Marine conservation lesson + trip to Orca Survey Center in Friday Harbor

Thursday - Marine conservation lesson + service project & final presentation

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