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Image by Nitesh Jain

October 15, 2022 is

Orca Recovery Day

Orca Recovery Day for Southern Residents (Students)

Our Student Leadership Team is coming up with some very cool cartoons to teach you all about the Southern Resident orcas. Stay tuned!

Orca Recovery Day for Southern Residents (Adults) - $45

Saturday October 15th | 9:15am-3pm (9:30am departure ferry, return to Anacortes at 3PM)

Description: Saturday October 15th is the 5th annual Orca Recovery Day! Launched in 2018 by Washington Conservation Districts, Orca Recovery Day is designed to be an intentional day of action to advocate for orcas, restore habitat, reduce stormwater pollution and learn more about everyday actions we can take to better the Salish Sea environment.

Adults, join The Salish Sea School as we deep dive into Southern Resident culture, ferry to Friday Harbor to visit Center for Whale Research’s Education & Outreach Center, learn about stormwater and other regional issues impacting salmon and Southern Residents, learn how to pen a letter to legislators with specific asks, and more!

Image by Thomas Lipke

Stay tuned for June 2023

Orca Month!

We are honoring Orca Month in three ways in 2023: 

1. Beach clean-up

2. Orca Action Month Bingo!

Download and print the Orca Month Bingo page here. See how many Bingos you can get!

3. Haiku Contest!

If you love the Southern Resident orcas as much as we do, celebrate this iconic species with us in an Orca Action Month Haiku writing-adventure! Download the information here (or see images below).


Haiku Contest!


To “play” along with us:

1. Download the 4 page PDF here (or see 4 images below);

2. Read about the Salish Sea and who the Southern Resident orcas are;

3. Learn what a Haiku is and how you can write one yourself, using the correct number of syllables and lines.

4. Brainstorm what you know and love about orcas to help you come up with some descriptive words you can use in your Haiku on the template page.

5. Write your Haiku on the document we have created or write your own on a blank sheet of paper!

6. Submit them to us no later than end-of-day Monday June 27th –!

We are going to pick a winner in three categories: (1) family,  (2) youth (<18yo), and (3) adult (>18yo).


If your Haiku is selected, you will win a special prize and have your Haiku featured in our July electronic newsletter!

Orca Month Orca Haiku Description_Page_3.png
Orca Month Orca Haiku Description_Page_4.png
Orca Month Orca Haiku Description_Page_2.png
Orca Month Orca Haiku Description_Page_1.png
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