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Student Sponsorship Opportunities

An important value of The Salish Sea School is to provide the opportunity for all students to attend our experiential programs and become leaders for the planet. These student sponsorship opportunities provide us with this ability. ​

Students interested in our programs but cannot afford tuition will fill out this scholarship application. Once they are approved, we will match them with a sponsor. At the end of the program, we will provide pictures of the student you sponsored in the field! 

We are so passionate about introducing students to the incredible marine life that depends on the classroom right outside our doorstep. Please take a look at the different programs and sponsorship opportunities listed below.

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Shoreline Exploration Adventures

S.E.A. is a shore-based program for K-8th graders all about the incredible marine life that depends on a healthy Salish Sea !

Each session focuses on a specific group of marine mammals (Fins, Feathers, Salmon, etc) and includes our three pillars of influence, adventure, research, and action. 

Cost: $250 for 8 classes


Puffin Protectors (PP)

A shore-based summer program for K-8th graders focused on the endangered Tufted Puffins of Washington State.

Puffin protectors includes forest to shore hiking adventures, marine bird identification, marine ecosystem learning, tidal pool exploration, and an understanding of the endangered tufted puffins.

Cost: $395 for K-2 or
$595 for 3rd-5th

Guardians of the Sea

Guardians of the Sea is a four day (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) daily boat and local island based educational adventure that spans the marine ecosystem.

From eel grass, to forage fish, to seals, to seabirds, we believe experiential education initiates a desire to save our natural world. 

Cost: $1,095 per session

Student Training as Research Scientists (STaRS)

Student Training as Research Scientists is shore-and boat-based year-long field research project. Students can choose a specific area of focus such as marine birds, orcas, or porpoises to student alongside a local research scientist. 

This project culminates in a year-end community presentation. 

Cost: $1,595 for one year

Field Trips

If a student group cannot commit to attending a multiple day session, we can also provide 1 day field trip opportunites to get them on the water!

This sponsorship helps provide a 1-day trip for a group of 15-30 students. 

$2,000 - $4,000


Without our incredible local sponsors, private donors, and organizations dedicated to supporting student leadership in marine conservation, these sponsorships would not be possible. Thank you.

Email us at for questoins.

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